All About Donut Express

Founded in 1979 by B.J. Moore and Terrea Lea, Donut Express has been one of the most popular food concessions at the Ventura and San Diego Fairs. While at the San Diego Fair, Donut Express received multiple awards including the coveted Longest Line (Indoors).

With the passing of B.J. and Terrea, Donut Express was acquired by longtime friend and business associate, Stacey Lubell. Bringing her merchandising and marketing skills to Donut Express, business has exploded, as evidenced by endless lines and an increased customer demand for a permanent location to buy Donut Express' mini-donuts all year around.

In an effort to discover what differentiates Donut Express' mini-donuts from the many mini-donuts now in the marketplace, our customers were asked why they preferred the Donut Express' mini-donuts. "Taste and Quality" was the consistent response.

Donut Express has never varied from its original recipe created in 1979. Since its founding, excellence has been the core value of Donut Express:

Now Stacey is looking for opportunities to take Donut Express to the next level by extending the fair calendar and adding permanent locations. Theme parks - malls - stadiums are just a few venues being explored.

Serious inquiries from interested parties are welcome. (See contact page).